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Datsun 510 (68-73 PL510) parts, stock and racing

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Chris at 410-286-0677 or email at cgr8818021@bluefrog.com

Please contact me off site as I may not log in here very often.

Tentatively able to do photos and shipping if prepaid by personal check

cleared in the bank (1 day at PNC). Paypal is a dealbreaker in most cases.

Local cash and carry buyers STRONGLY preferred (god forbid), 10 to 40%

off listed prices for anyone who just buys something FAST. Status may

change at any time due to constant threat of utility shutoffs + no jobs =

selling used auto parts is my current FT occupation. My previous state

of paralysis occurred because I couldn't find $3 for camera batteries.


Have a lot of other misc small OEM parts, 510 4 speed transmissions, half rebuilt

L16s and L16 engine parts, stock flywheels and clutches not listed - plz inquire.


3:90 '71 open diff rear, probably for parts ------------------------------------------------$75/negotiable

Stock 510 radiators, repairable leaks ------------------------------------------------------$35 each

2 door quarter windows, used --------------------------------------------------------------- $100/pair or $50 each

2 door doors, 2 pairs, all need work ---------------------------------------------------------$50 - $70 each, discount in pairs

Sedan back window ------------------------------------------------------------------------------$100

4 dr/wagon right front glass --------------------------------------------------------------------$75

2 dr left door glass --------------------------------------------------------------------------------$75

Fenders, late style, all awful, good for racing or city driving have 3 ----------------$15 each, $40 for all 3

Hood, stock, very good except for hideous lime green color --------------- ---------$80

Hood, stock, corners bent from a "latch incident", otherwise decent ---------------$50/negotiable

Hood, stock with inner braces removed for racing, 8 lbs lighter, decent -----------$80/negotiable

Trunk lid, good except for repairable damage at lock hole, no lock -----------------$80

Trunk lid, slightly distorted from ITC road race car------------------------------------$50

Set of 4 early style hub caps - decent looking with slight dents -----------------------$100/negotiable

Heater assemblies, '71 and later type -------------------------------------------------------$150

Driveshafts, stock 510 sedan, all could could use at least one ujoint------------------$75 each

Carerra 2.5" coilover springs, 275# x 12" L, chrome-------------------------------------$50/pair

Front control arms aka transverse links:

One set stripped + repainted w/ reinforcing welds, late style---------------------$80/pair

Other sets in used cond, unmodified, late style--------------------------------------$50/pair

One pair '68 -'69 style in used cond for conical bushings, rare -------------------$60

Early Corvair 13" x 5.5" OEM steel wheels:

One set of 4 in very good shape, no tires mounted -------------------------------------$30/all 4

Another set of 4, good with a few dings + maybe usable old 175/70s ---------------$20/all 4

Bart Wheels 13 x 7 steel w/good DOT 205/60 Hoosier Dirt Stockers ---------------- $180/all 4

Fiberglass front spoiler --------------------------------------------------------------------------$50

Hoosier 10.0" x 21.5" roadrace slicks, R45, formula car casing -------------------------$40/all 4

Hoosier A60 - 13 bias Dirt Stockers, set of 4, old, good tread, DOT---------------------$40/all 4

JATCO '73 PL510 auto trans ----------------------------------------------------------------------$60

G-Machine delrin/aluminum camber adjustment bushings, 1 pair, NEW -----------------$40/both

G-Machine delrin/aluminum bushings second set, USED ------------------------------------$25/pair

Thermo-Cool oil cooler, durable copper tube type, tight squeeze on a 510

but will fit many other cars. Integral fittings are NPT to adapt Aeroquip

and other types of HP oil lines -----------------------------------------------------------------$50

Quickor rear antiroll bar w/ fittings, raced for years, very rough --------------------------$80

Homemade adjustable 1" front bar w/ no fittings, blacksmith special ---------------------$20


L20b long block, automatic, 126k, ran great when pulled, indoors since,

no distributor, have int/exh manifolds, will not part out ------------------------------------$250

L18 Short block w/ flywheel, stick, from '73 610, rebuildable core -------------------------$125

B series 5 speed from '78 810, same type as later z car trans, worked fairly

well on test drive but high mileage and could use rebuild -------------------------$200

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Sorry guys - as ad states, I cannot photograph or ship anything at this time.

When this changes I will change the ad to say so. Economic reality.


See update. Economic reality still is what it is, only $3 wealthier and I've

got some photos taken and others still to be taken.


Now bonvo, the oil cooler is just the oil cooler. If $50 is high, I'll look

into why because I've never priced one of those coolers new. I have dash

10 Aeroquip lines and remote oil filter adapters et al that would be a whole

'nother transaction but would aim for half of current cost new, even allowing

for suicidal price wars among the retailers. Lines are braided stainless in very

nice condition. Still have to photograph all that.

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