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About to order Weber for my L20b, jet size?


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I had dual SU's on the truck but pulled them off because of mixture issues and I really have NO experience with carbs. Everything I've had has been injected and turbocharged so this is all new to me. I am looking at a new Weber but all the sites say for a " L16 L18 L20" for the same part number. how is that possible? Surely a L20 at 5K RPM needs more fuel than an L16 at 5K. Is there something you can adjust for your specific engine and use the same jets for all 3 engines? I just picked up a stock intake manifold today at the Datsun Heritage museum show, also FINALLY found the front grill emblem and an electronic dizzy!



Any other sources besides ebay for the carb? ( I already search craigslist every 1/2 hour) :D



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Yep. So no one is likely to know what jets you need. You should tell the carburetor company what mods you have and get their advice. If that's not possible, buy one jetted for L20B and see how it goes. Most likely it'll run OK, if not perfect.



Surely a L20 at 5K RPM needs more fuel than an L16 at 5K
Yes, it sure does. So the L20B will have more aiflow, and the carburetor automatically adjusts. It uses the same jetting as the smaller engines.


L20Bs were jetted leaner or richer than the others, depends on the year. L20 was never sold in america, the smallest six we got was the L24. L20B four came in Datsun pickups.

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