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Transmission Identification

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I got a parts datsun(d21) and this transmission was in the back. It says 200sx 5sp in yellow marker on the top like its from a Pick N Pull but I wanted to know if this is for sure. Is there any measurements I can take or numbers I can find to help? Here are pictures. Thank you. Alex.









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That is an FS5W63A with an L series bolt pattern consistent with the dogleg from the standard manual transmission '77-'79 200sx. If you look inside behind the clutch arm the cover plate will have 7 bolts holding it on. FS5W71 'B' and 'C' type have 5 bolts. If it says 200sx there's no reason to think otherwise.


The dogleg (above) was an optional 5 spd in the '79 ('79 and '80 Canadian) A-10 (later 510) with an L series motor.

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Yes, the shifter will be in the wrong place by about 2" and the driveshaft will be too short.

Better to trade it for a 720 transmission.


If you want a 5 speed that will fit without modifying the shifter hole, rear transmission mount or driveshaft, get a 5 speed from the following:


'77-'79 620

'80 720 2wd only, must be 31.5" long.

'77-'78 280z or '79-'83 280zx (non turbo) the zx 5spds have a very high 5th over drive gear. 0.745, 0.773

'79-'84 Maxima (gas or diesel)

All of the above are the correct length, bolt pattern and besides coming in a variety of different ratios are a stronger transmission than the dogleg. Gotta be cheaper than a driveshaft

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Hands down I would say the 280zx 5 speed from '80-83 280zx as they came with highest over drive ratio, 0.773 ('80) and 0.745 ('81-'83)


I would caution you here... the majority of 620s used a 4.375 rear end ratio but the '79 truck with standard transmission came with a 4.11 rear end. Pairing it with a zx tranny may be a bit too high a set up, if carrying loads or if you live in hilly or mountainous areas. Just saying....

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Okay Ill try and find one of those preferably. Thanks for the heads up on being to low. Ill keep that in mind. I probably won't ever be hauling loads and if I am it wont be much weight. But I live in Reno so there are numerous hills and grades but I really don't mind downshifting and taking it slow up them.

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