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KA ecu??


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If you have the year and what it's out of, I can give you the number on the ECU box that corresponds to that motor. For example A11 B17 GO4 is for an '89 California 240sx with standard. Auto ECUs avoid the problems with a rev limiter that is in the standard ECUs.

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This pdf contains nearly all Nissan ECU's.




Most KA ECU's will work on all KA engines. Its just a mater of getting the right sensors and wiring harness. The 90-91 Stanza is probably the all around best because it can be modded to do real time tuning cheaply. Most people use the A11 and A10 ECU's because they do not need the Speed sensor hooked up to disable the rev limiter.

The SOHC and DOHC ECU's do have differences in base timing which can be over come by putting the dizzy in a tooth off or by cutting the retaining holes so they are longer.


I have pulled ECU's and harnesses without sensors and I can usually get out of the pick and pull for less than $75. The yards around me have gone up in price and now MAF's are around $45. MAF and knock sensors are the only ones I would get from a junk yard anyways because of their price.


If you get an ECU that needs the speed sensor try and get the 89' 240sx speedo cable. It should have the speed sensor in the middle of the cable so you can still run an old school speedometer.



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