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Intake and tubing


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I started what I thought would be a simple mini project of getting the MAF and filter plumbed in with bits and pieces of parts. Well, with a vg in there even a 60 degree bend donward is pushing it for a filter to fit. I kinda want to run a longer tube like the idea AEM cold air...ect. I cant really drop big money on a kit that I dont know is going to fit, even the cheaper short ram kits are vehicle specific so I kinda gotta just make it up I suppose. Any one got pics of their setup so I can see how your is routed and what you have used........I know most guys here that have swapped cars are either KA's, SR's or VG's with plenums different than my Pathfinder one but it will help me see. Any ideas of what to use to fab up my own? I work at a plumbing company....would PVC or ABS painted nice work? Does the MAF have to be in a certain distance to the intake plenum? Also...stupid Q but I havent paid attention....the MAF has a screen...which way does that face? Closer to the filter or the upper intake?

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got to a kregan they have this spectre plastic kit think so you can fab up your own how you want then your supposed to buy the metal tube sections they sell i would use it as a template and have an exhaust shop bend it out for you

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