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2002 Trackmagic Dragon race kart for trade

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I have a 2002 trackmagic dragon with a direct drive kt100 with a fresh top end. I only put one race on the kart this summer. New dd sprocket with new 219 chain. Comes with a spare horstman dxl clutch that needs new clutch discs. Engine was blueprinted at some point in it's life. I'm also including a hand held starer box, race suit for someone around 6ft tall, shoes, neck brace, folding rolling kart stand, extra castor oil, some fuel, bead breaker, and probably some other stuff I cant think of at the moment. I've been laid off for 6 months and money is getting tight so the toys gotta go.


This chassis is one of the last to me made in the united states. The owner died and they outsourced afterwards. Very nice construction.


Trade for a running datsun or something old and rwd. Old mitsu or rollas are always good too. Something that runs good and is reliable. I'm f'n broke and tired of working on this yota truck.




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