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hey everybody im new and have a question!

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so my qestion is now that im 15 im going to start driving soon and ive liked datsun trucks since i was like 6 so i want to get a datsun truck like a 76' 620 but my dad says i shouldnt because he says u cant find parts for them and theyre a pain but i think hes wrong i find parts online all the time and i have a whole bunch of japanese dismantlers near me that carry datsun parts so my qestion is are they reliable? and does anyone know where i can find one other than craigslist? thx

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Iv had stock piles of L motor parts :lol:


there are some bits that are getting harder to find but nothing thats going to keep you from DDing a 620.

Get to know your local Datsun lovers :cool: it helps too



L motors are tanks, there simple and a great first motor to learn on.

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