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fender flares for 81 210


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Not likely. I would consider $50 per fender pretty cheap for a brand new flare.


If you can get a fender from a local wrecking yard for less than $50 each then look for a Dodge Omni or similar vehicle. They have large steel flares. Get two pairs of front fenders.

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if you want some cheap flares, go to jcwhitney and you can buy a roll of fender flares to cover all four wheels. they are thick black flexable plastic, you just cut to the size you need and you are good to go.


if you want to go cheaper than that, go to home depo and get a strip of roofing liner (i think this is what is called), cut some v shaped slits on one strip and also get some screws and bolt them on. this will give your car a cool southern ghetto look to it.

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