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rust confusion


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okay, i've searched every thread on rust removal and repair until my eyes were crossed.

i have rust on the floorpans of my 620. (shock) i don't weld. i have wire brushed it and vacumed it out. there are some holes. i just need step by step instructions. i've read about rust converters, etching stuff, por15, sealing products etc.... very confusing. to me at least.


the por15 guy said to buy the trunk kit $145. what'd ya think?

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por15 is ok. some people may say its not that good or have their own opinion but it will work fine


I would put some kind of temporary backing on the floor pan, then fiberglass it, once that is done remove the backing. Smooth it out, Then por15 it. that will get rid of your holes. Be sure you clean the rust really good down to bear metal tho if you decide to fiberglass it

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Heh I patched a few fingernail sized holes in my rocker the other day to pass inspection. I used JB weld!:lol:


I put JB on some stiff screen material, cut a little bigger than the hole, pushed it through the hole and brought it back so it would stick to the inside surface of my hole. Once dried, the screen gave something for more JB to hang on. So I mixed up a bigger batch and spread it on with a playing card. I did a few coats and let it dry between, until the surface was built up higher than the hole. Then I simply sanded it down till it matched the surface profile.


I have probably driven it 5 or 6 times since then and 4 or 5 months have gone by and it seems to be fine.


BUT my truck is rattastic so I wasn't that worried about it. I just wanted a sticker in the window. For all I know it wall fall out within the year? But so far so good.


Now for the primer I recommend Master series silver.


I started a thread about it here.



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get some thin metal local stores will cut it to size for you get a rivet gun and some rivets and a drill then undercoat both sides.. as for cutting the rust out get it out by any means necessary i hate fiberglass with a passion i bought a z once and the entire passenger frame rail was fiber glassed so well that it looked factory. cutting it out and building it out of steel would have taken a quarter of the time and effort

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