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more motor swap questions..

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been researching more parts for my swap (ka24e) and since it will be an all purpose car (mostly daily driven) itd be cool for some input on what people recommend. first off, im using the capless vw rad. and was wondering whats nessecary, 1 fan or 2? if 2 then is it better to run 2 fans the same size or one bigger and one smaller? second question: fuel line. some people say u need 2 upgrade to bigger line(and of course run a return line) but ive seen alot of swaps with the stock line being used. does changing the line depend on what kind of fuel pump ur using? im using the 300zx in tank so does that required the same size line as the 300zx? which leads to the next question, adjustable fuel regulator.. do i need one since im using the in tank? (dont know if it puts out more psi than a stock 240, but it would make sense) if i do then anyone have a suggestion on which to use? my only thing is i dont want it to crap out on me, but i dont want it to cost a million dollars. thank you for all your help guys! im really hoping i can have it runing by christmas (if i can stop gettin sidetracked w/ all the other crap im doin to it while its down) sidenote: would there b any intrest in seeing a build thread on my dime?

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sidenote: would there b any intrest in seeing a build thread on my dime?



Dude, do you need to ask? HELL TO THE YES! This is ratsun we love pics and build threads. Do it.









Really, stop reading this not and start a build thread.






NO no no, you are still reading this. Click away and click into the project section.:D







Caught ya! I knew you were still reading. Go , now! Must make thread!:D:D

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ha ha! ok ok i will! just wanted to check last thing i want is to put all my crap up and nobody have enough interest to comment. mostly cuz itll b alot of work cuz i got a crap load of pics!!! youll love it (i love documenting everything i do to it,....good and bad.) lol! it may take a bit to get it up cuz i always got something to do. but ill start soon!

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Yes you need to run a new 5/16 hardline from the tank to the motor amd then a return also. Rip out the old lines. As far as a reg no you shouldnt need one, the stock efi has a built in reg on the fuel rail that will do. I only klnow this because I just went through this on my VG recently. If a KA swap is different feel free to chime in, this is just my .02cents. You can get a roll of 25ft of hardline for 25 bucks and its the perfect amount to go front to back twice, if you dont mess up, just go slow and bend it by hand both lines under the car where the old fuel line is then instwead of going to the passenger wheel well go up the passenger frame rail.

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mine is a '72 and no it doesn't have a return line just the one to the evap for emissions. but i wanted to run my existing fuel line as my return. but no matter ill just make both then, id rather get it right the first time then need 2 re do it later. thanks alot!. ive been lagging on my project the last couple weeks and want to have it running by christmas! (on fuel,not just hopes & dreams!)

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