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Fiero Radiator Upper Hose?


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I'm always the one touting the Fiero rad, and giving others info on it........but it seems the part number I used to use is no longer valid. The one I used was part number D71267 from CSK auto, and by just trimming a couple inches of each end you would swear it was made for that install. Fit was beyond perfect.


Sooo, since mine is now NLA, Does anyone know of a parts store hose that can be made to fit, and have the number handy? Thanks.


*edit* this if for using the Fiero radiator with an L-series engine, in a 510.

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Going with an '88 Fiero, the upper hose I have listed for the 2.8 V6 is 7446 for our NAPA number. The four cyinder upper hose lists only as flex hose, so a generic application. FF314 if you're looking for that part number.

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Well crap, I can't believe I f'ed that up at work. I must have only tried the full D + number, not just the number. Crosses to a Dayco hose, NAPA part number 8223.


Not at work now, so I can't tell you if we have it or not, but don't see why we wouldn't.

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