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Fuel Tank Restoration

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Okay, the time has come for me to clean and seal a couple of my old tanks.

I've done a lot of reading and it seems there are 3 ways to accomplish this:


1. Take to a Radiator shop and have them tank it, boil it and coat it. (I have called most around here but no one will touch a gas tank)

2. DIY but piece together all your chemicals (Basically: muriatic acid, phosphoric acid, acetone, tank sealer/epoxy)

3. DIY but buy a complete kit.




The complete kits I have found are as follows:




$73.25 + Shipping

"...high-tech sealer impervious to all fuels, including the new Stage II fuels which have a high alcohol content. It has superior strength and fuel resistance, and does not contain Methyl Ethyl Ketone..."






$51.75 + Shipping

"...withstand most octane boosters. Feel confident using gasohol in your tank with Kreem Fuel Tank Liner as methyl or ethyl alcohol have no effect on the coating."





$49.99 + Shipping

Resists fuel additives, mentions nothing about alcohol and ethanol.



Bill Hirsch Auto


$42 + Shipping

Alcohol and ethanol resistant.


I'm not sure at the moment which route I'm going to take but I have a feeling I'm going to buy a kit and do it myself. Anyone have any recommendations, ideas or comments?


Here are some sites that I have checked out, (also you can click the above pictures to visit a website selling the product):


HybridZ - Muric Acid Proceedure

The Bus Depot -DIY Fuel Tank Restoration

Finishing.com -Muriatic Acid for Fuel tank cleaning?

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i just redid mine last week, i drained it sanded it then used duplicolor bedliner on the outside, cost me like 10 bucks, you can use a flap disk on a grinder, just make sure you drain the tank then fill it with water, or yeah you know what will happen. the inside of my tank wasnt dirty at all, just shiny metal, but i have use red kote on lawnmower tanks with excellent results

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Finally got some good stuff in the mail!


2630808190102197423S600x600Q85.jpg 2444959110102197423S600x600Q85.jpg


I bought the POR-15 Fuel Tank Restoration kit from an authorized POR dealer on eBay. Took advantage of a great deal!


I will be taking my sweet time doing this, as stressed by POR reps. I'll report back later with pics and updates as I go! I'm doing two tanks, a toyota & a datsun.

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i'll vouch for the por 15 stuff used it on alot of motorcycle tanks. The cleaners are alright, not really strong enough for really nasty tanks (or i'm not patient enough) but the epoxy is badd ass shit! it will seal holes in tanks. my own bike has been setting 2 almost 3 years with that stuff in the tank, and still going strong to this day.

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