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I need a new bed for my 720 pickup!!!!

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If anyone has any leads on where I can find one please get in touch with me .

I am about to do a bunch of bodywork and it looks like the way to go is to just replace the bed, so if anyone has one for sale or knows where I can find one please let me know.


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The '83 and '84 KC boxes would be an exact match for yours. The '83 and '84 reg cab (short box) are very close for length with the KC and may also work.


'80-'82 boxes looked similar, but had the tail lights horizontally below the box and above the bumper. '85-'86 were totally different (but will fit) with an inside facing lip and one piece sides which were less prone to rust along the seam.

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Today I made a bunch of calls and found a bed in great shape in california but I have to ship it clear across the country to florida.

Around here there is just no older nissan pick ups in junk yards any more.

I have called all over the place.

The price that I found this bed for it is probally going to be worth it for me to ship it to me, than pay someone to fix all the rust on my current bed.

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I am still trying to figure out how to go about buyi=ng a used bed.

The 2 places where I found them , for some reason they both are ubable to supply me with a digital picture of the beds they have for sale.

If I am going to pay $400 -$400 plus shipping for a bed, I want to see what I am buying first.

I sure wish I lived out west , or at least knew someone out west that could check out these beds and let me know what kind of shape these beds are in.

One is in California and the other is in Arizona. Maybe someone on this board might live in the same town where these junkl yards are at.

I am going to post where they are at and maybe someone might be able to take a look for me .

I am going to call them and get the details and post them on monday!

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