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ground control coils in rear?

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No you cant, the bodys are not the same as the I.D. of the sleeve and there is no way to keep the sleeve on the shock, I have however when I work at my buddys Mustang shop taken a set of bilstein shocks and turned a snap ring grove into the body and put a coilover sleeve onto that shock but the body was big enough to do that and they had directions an how to do the conversion



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^^^KIZ... I agree totally well worth every penny^^^



Or just get the ground control rear coilovers. They're $11 cheaper than Top Motoring's.


unless ground control has changed the length of their konis they are not long enough and you run out of droop in the shock (extention) and end up lifting the inside tire during hard cornering, Top Motoring or Troy Emish's kit are about the same and have plenty of droop and compression length (Troys for sure I have run them on all my 510s exept the wagon) cant say for sure on the top motoring kit but im guessing...:D



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