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progress on my 78 620 KC


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I made a little bit of progress on my truck over the last few days. I got all of my airbags installed(2500 dominators in the front, 2600 dominators in the rear), I got my upper control arms flipped back over the stock way(previous owner had flipped them for better ball joint angles, but neglected to notice the bag rubbing the spindle). I got my wheels on, 18" cadillac escalade wheels with 215/40/18 rubber. I removed the front clip and will be mocking up the TBI350/700r4 combo soon. After we have clearanced the firewall and floorpan we will be removing the cab and prepping the Frame for paint. I will be going with Monterey Blue, its a stock color on the new 370Z's.

Well here are the pics.







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if you guys want any other pics, specific angles or anything, just let me know and I will get pictures when I get a chance to get back out to where the truck is.

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I wanna put a 4 link suspension on my truck, but i was wondering. I don't have to notch the frame do I if i want it standard heighth?


If you are wanting to leave the truck stock height or close too it you should not have to notch your frame at all. Mine is notched because the truck is airbagged and I need the clearance to lay the truck on the ground.

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You have a few different options with a 4-link, the two basic ones are parallel and triangulated. With the parallel 4-link the upper and lower bars are mounted above and below each other and run parallel to each other. With a parallel 4-link you either have to run a panhard bar, watts link, or some other contraption to keep the rear end from moving left to right too much under cornering. With the triangulated 4-link, since the upper bars come in at an angle, you do not have to run anything additional to keep the rear end centered.

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Well have fun with that. Make sure you post a pic when you get it high centered on a speed bump. :lol:


It actually gets quite a bit of lift, so I dont think that speedbumps are gonna be a problem:) I might have a little trouble making it over a deer though(j/k)

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Alright, ya got me.:D


Its really good to see that some people can take a joke.:lol: I really hate it when you try to joke around with someone on the internet and they get all bent out of shape.

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I would like to see more photos of the 4 link and the front suspension. What length are the links? I want to do air ride on mine, but just a c notch in the rear, as I don't need to lay frame, just want a low ride hight. Us old geezers are still a little bit old school, like the modern air ride tech, but don't need the frame draging on the ground.:lol::lol::cool:

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