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early datsuns

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I knew that name sounded familiar so I looked through my 'stuff'. Couldn't link to the article so I copied most of it:



"The Flying Feather" Concept by Yutaka Katayama - Design by Ryuichi Tomiya




Pictured Below: The Flying Feather as conceved by Yutaka Katayama and designed by Ryuichi Tomiya in the late 40's. A prototype was built with a 200cc engine (built in-house by Nissan in 1951




In Brief: Mr. Katayama (aka Mr. K), had a dream from childhood to build a very light weight car (mostly out of motorcycle parts). It was to have a combination of good performance and economy, rather like a gull in flight. Thus the name, "the Flying Feather".


In the late 40's, Mr. K discussed this concept with Ryuichi Tomiya and a sketch was completed instantly. Ryuichi Tomiya had been in charge of body design at Nissan Motors Ltd. before WWII and he was considered to be a genius - later to be called "the Leonardo da Vinci of Japan".




Suminoe Manufacturing produced about 150 Flying Feathers between 1954 and 1955. Today there are only a couple that we know of left in existence. One is on Display at the Tokyo Museum.




Above: Air Cooled, 12.5 HP, Twin Cylinder. All that POWER mounted in the rear!


Below: A rare 1:43 Model by ROCO of Japan. Only 20 of these were handbuilt in resin. The wire motorcycle wheels are a real work of art.



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