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SSR Longchamp XR-4, Enkei Apache IV meshies.

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well looking for a quick sale.


ENKEI Apache IV meshies

SET (4) wheels/tires




1.5inches of lip!

195/60/14 bridgestone potenzas 60%-70% thread life.


heres what they look like.






SSR (Speed Star Racing) Longchamp XR-4

PAIR(2) wheels



+0 offset (thats what i've been told but the stamp wore off in the back.)

about 2.5inches of lip!!








i will include a pair of USED FEDERAL TIRES 185/60/14 with the longchamp.


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Nice wheels but the shipping is going to be the deal breaker.

Otherwise very good prices.


I like OPEEHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haha you like opihi! ill bring some back when i go back home in June. and actually i live in Washington right now not Hawaii. sorry forgot to add, im located in Tacoma/University Place area.

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nah shipping shouldnt be that much. they are only 14s.:D depending on location. yups thats me. you know my dad? who this be by the way?


i'm patrick a friend of steve a guy that used to get parts from him in the past.


at the first canby show you/he had some wagon taillights but i had already found some. remember now?

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