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FS: 521 UCA/LCA/TC rods for Front Disc Setup

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Custom built and driven on for ~3yrs. This setup is solid. You'll need to pick up hardbody knuckles and brakes to complete, but there's no cutting or welding involved in bolting these on.


$350 OBO.

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What is the track width measurement? What does the ride height look like when finished as compared to stock? Brake hose compatabilty? Tie rod end issues?


They look really easy to install...nicely made...just wondering. I want to make the swith to discs...I'm just leary.:blink:

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This is with 15x8.5 wheels with about a zero offset (i think)





I don't have the actual track width measurement and all the stock suspension has since been removed from my truck. The stock drag link was used (unmodified) and Pathfinder tie rods were swapped in (unmodified). You'll have to convert the brake hardlines to a metric fitting, but that's pretty easy. You'll also have to modify the t/c rod mounting point on the frame a little. Nothing more then drilling a lateral hole through the tabs to accept the bolt that secured the heim joint.



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