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need a 240z heater box

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dont have any idea on how good mine actually is, but i plan on gutting everything behind the dash, is it that little box that hold the heater core and what not? i will do a strait up for for that box of s30 gauges you have. i will pay shipping on the complete heater thingamajig if you will ship those gauges.

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got a quick question, how the hell do you remove it?





gotta pull off all the stuff there where the heater controls are, all the vent hoses,

pull out the heater motor, undo all the coolant hoses,

then theres bolts that bolt it to the firewall and the trans tunnel.




....... its a bitch, for real :P

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so: pull dash remove everything heater related, take pics of what wass removed and have you ID the part?


lol that works, forgot your gutting it. mines a DD and i had to get it out with the dash still in, omg what a pain.

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just pull the dash, it isnt hard and doesnt take long, bolt up the steering column and drive without a dash if you have too!



lol Iv already gotten good at doing it with the dash in, :lol: havent figured out of thats a good skill or not haha


when ya plan on having it all out?

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if you can find me a nice stock 240 cleanish steearing wheel and a horn pad i would be willing to do that as well.


i dont have a wheel but i do have a horn pad, not sure what year its from but its got a Z on it

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