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might trade my L26 for some mosin's

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dood you can buy them for 40 to 60 bucks all day long online. if you goto big5 sports you pay in the 80s.


I love my mosin but they are not "fun" to shoot for extended periods


i love guns tho so i would possibly do it.

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ya I think hes going to throw in some legit ww2 helmets too.


I know mosins are pretty common but I want that motor outa there and there pretty cool to me so it works out. it was for sale for 250 complete with carbs and header so asking price comes close to even too with the extra stuff.


lol no ones made any other offers anyway :lol:



I havent shot one but Iv heard their reputation lol, Im already looking at some rubber butt ends for cushion and they also extend it out a little since the stock is short to shoot with a heavy winter coat on.

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