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custom motor mounts and trans mount cut bigger shifter hole it moves it forward the guy i knew that did one cut up a mazda front crossmember and weld it to the 510's it was kind of hookey imo but it worked then he had to make a driveline to fit the mazda trans and the 510 rear diff the splines are diffrent.


good luck

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I have a 13b in my car. It really wont make a difference which motor you use if you stay with a carb. The 12a and 13b are almost exactly the same external size. The difference is in the intake manifolds 12a are all carbs and 13bs are almost all fuel injected (though they make quite a few carb kits for them). The first 13b efi was in 1984 with the gsl-se.


There is more than A LOT of work to make this happen. If you are not a fabricator DONT DO THIS SWAP, there is a lot of metal work, custom fabrication and time. Nothing fits right! I have to disconnect my steering to take my headers off. I had to relocate the fuel and brake lines to the drivers side because the exhaust runs down the pass side, and is much more hot than a piston engine. I cut the original mounts off of the cross member and made my own (see photos). That includes trans cross member, and custom driveshaft. I mated the front of the rx7 shaft to the 510 shaft (have this done and balanced.


I did custom wiring once when it was fuel injected, and once again when I switched to the Racing Beat Holley Kit (which is worth its weight it gold, in-fact all of their parts are). Make good friends with them they are a great company and very helpful.


I rerouted the oil lines and oil filter because the filter location is now under the trans tunnel. I had to fabricate a new trans tunnel because of the width of the rx7 bell housing. I also replaced the firewall.


Get to know the Rotary Engine because they are NOTHING like any other engine!


I know that isnt everything, so feel free to ask. Im more than happy to share my experience and knowledge. My car is a lot of fun to drive and it is happy all the way to 9000 rpm but its a lot of work, more than I ever thought it would be.


Remember that all of this depends on how far you want to set your engine back in the car. Mine is technically mid engine, and if you are going to go through the trouble you might as well get the best weight distribution out of it.


oh yeah remember the motors weight is close to that of a large midget so if you keep the same front suspension it will sit higher. Either use lighter spring rates or shorten the springs. I used coil overs, and Im sure that you can find more than a few sets to fit your needs.

































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Its a 91 integra dash, and I dont have any final pics of the engine bay. I will try to post some soon.


I was gonna say, I was looking at that dash and I automatically thought DA teggy! How is that dash working for ya?

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