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Question about fuel sender ohm

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I'm buying new gauges for the 510 and need to know which fuel gauge to get,


Sender Ohm Range


* 0 ohms empty, 90 ohms full,

* 240 ohms empty, 33 ohms full,

* 73 ohms empty, 10 ohms full,

* 0 ohms empty, 30 ohms full,

* 16 ohms empty, 158 ohms full



It's a '71 wagon, thanks

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I have a 620 and used a 720 tank... the gauge read the same. I have to assume that they don't make a different sender for every vehicle. Once one is made it must get expensive to have it tested and certified for use so best to use the same one in every gas tank. The FSM I have shows 10 ohms for full tank and 80 ohms for empty tank measures across the in tank sender. Looks like #3 is the winner. Hope this helps.

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I was just going to say, I found this in another thread, any reason it might be different for the 510?


Now I don't know this for sure... but I bet it costs a lot of money to test a new design for things like fuel senders and brake parts. Once you have a good, tested and proven design it makes sense to use it on as many models and for as many years as you can. You do not want a different one for every model, too much of a headache. I'll bet the fuel sender in a 280zx is the same as in a 620, or a 200sx. Now with that in mind I have used a 720 tank in my 620 with the 620 gauge and it worked fine, full when full and empty when empty. I would have to say the 720 and 620 senders in the tank are the same. The tanks are different and the swing arm might be different but the sender itself is likely identical. No reason to think the 521s are any different.


My 720 FSM fuel sender specs are:


10 ohms resistance when tank full.

24.5 ohms resistance when tank 3/4 full.

37 ohms resistance when tank 1/2 full.

56.5 ohms resistance when tank 1/4 full.

80 ohms resistance when tank empty.


You could always check the resistance across the tank wires with a multi-meter.


But, you beat me to it :D

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