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  1. Here they are Seatbelts from Mini installed by my mechanic Front & rear
  2. Here is my koyorad installed Perhaps you will see on last pic above that my mechanic choose to cut metal a little bit behing grille on passenger side, matter of pulling away the rad from the alternator. He also had to cut lips around the grille from inside engine bay to get the rad as close as possible from the metal. It worked...so i am a happy guy!
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    Hi, Have this one as a spare. Looking for a trade Here's what i would need for my 4 doors 510sss: - rocker chrome trim panel (the one below the 2 doors outside). See pic attached - beige/cream sun visors (decent color, no rusted hardware) + rear vision mirror with 3 bolts - 2 bumpers....🤭 I live in France but have colleagues travelling to PA sometimes, they could take it back and ship the button for me. Thanks


    - FR

  4. Hi I will finally go for Koyo rad HH02598 for my 510. Before taking the pretty expensive plunge (will buy in US = ship + VTA = €€€), i did take a look at radiator dimensions and also check within angine bay for the fitting... Looks like a tight fitting! For my peace of mind, can anybody share installation feedback of this rad? No surprises??? Thanks
  5. I am interested too. Did you look at the bay?
  6. Hi, As a reminder. Got a '70 510 sss from Portugal No car history available so i ask Got these head rest thing that i can install from above seat without anything pluging in...i mean like a socket With a pocket for the rear passenger. Even seen that???
  7. Guess i will go for a 3 core chanpion CC487. Had a look at CHRRacing (they have a web site), but not sure about bulding quality, no feedback in Europe... I do live in south of France, and yes can be hot...but not as much as Cali i guess
  8. Hi The ignition switch for 510 from 07/70, 240Z, 260 and 280 is definitively not compatible with my 70 510 steering cover! My car should should have been manufactured between 10/69 and 07/70...kinda hybrid version between 2 generations Forget the locking of steering column...not a big deal. Fix the original switch in cover, all is OK now! Thanks for support
  9. Hi there, Must change the radiator on my L16 510. Any validated radiator to recommend? Electric fan could be considered. Thanks Read about Champion radiator Found this one at https://www.protuninglab.com/ra-dat51068-2.html Thanks for advices Seb
  10. Is this possible that my 70 510 has the lock option on the steering column but NOT the switch???
  11. My VIN is PL510 number 173796, so my 70 must have been manufactured in 1969...this is the ignition switch type i need. Will this one be able to lock the column...
  12. It worked fin with the ignition switch set from ZCarDepot...but now the cover doesn't seem to fit The switch diameter is not matching the column diameter, but a plastic ring was present on column, so i used it. Ring was precut to allow locking system to operate. As a reminder, my steering column
  13. I saw on ZCarDepot that 510 from 07/1970 to 73 had common ignitions switch with 240/260/280Z https://zcardepot.com/products/ignition-switch-with-keys-240z-260z-280z-510?_pos=4&_sid=b2cfc2148&_ss=r Will tell if it works over the week end.
  14. These? Hi! Here is my connector back Steering column does have the locking option Wires: WY / WR / BW / BL / LB Looks like i have same configuration as you 510 in US Will try my spare ignition switch i have for my 280Z
  15. If you can deal with this document, it means my eyes are really fu...ed! Thanks anyway
  16. Thanks Will check this out once back from holidays...not too bad, my 280 is garaged near the place i am staying at!
  17. Ok Thanks to you all! That confirms my doubts about lack of steering columns locking option. Does anybody have the wiring drawing for ignition switch?
  18. Thank you guys! Just realized that you both are from canada, hope you did not suffer too much about the "heat dome" Guess worse was in your area Mike, right? I felt an nut around here and will investigate more Cool if i can make this as i feel unconfortable with it
  19. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264907560238?fits=Model%3A510|Make%3ADatsun&epid=5024943543&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3dadb8952e:g:WQQAAOSw3bNfkCx8&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsStdebXPz4ZTXCT8FI9kPBhyDEsjx%2BZzNtHycOur5YoF4TcowIsf2mjQmvDzoJe75tp5chpKYle8BFxaueT2gw40xX03YfjQkl%2ByjX2kdWce0J4dBLWp2YwZHL8gpqzVnBhw4GCAKvmpCMO%2BnKbbEV9i7h0aacWvzktVsSpVREefqPBqOxSwPi2LSTmse6rMZFXsAhdJYTDPHUkdlB1AP1bEUw45bOD%2FCGrNRizcoJFi0SFKiDoaHUxMrVOV0s0%2FZVY50c2Iw5r0GpQufm7vabROTbF2IxSId7fMbGJG%2FsMzMArwr37vRdfPf49nP2NyrRMWiY2gd28bDTZmlHKPoB3MstifMGaHcEgSKA5e%2FOQG4PEpoTcuIHIVGQSV7gOBOCMd5HkVHYa0edntLLrr2aRxHkL2lQ1SQAPvLd9WwINh41M%2B7crEBBgsPQR2o2wivbqWMnFKQQBnxUCKwPcygxbMWZRT%2FRviZdtUTc8ET3i5wJw3i2okkpCkvLtNjS3G3vi4kUjxUXcxDuGT2Oe8Aa9Bxzi28fJYnHzxm75652JBYsp9D27s0K10VhSSG6f%2BiWUDTcK1Ln9uRIPj3lJKhGe2uA6xRZNiN%2BED2UYsvXq6enpcbknN8Ww0tCL1lOHDUuxgQpzzzC9WAMbUZ16%2FblXeTz0Pdr%2FjkEG0GXQ7I3drvx%2BBw955qJQcQzJPqO4q%2FmUQbWp4hovC%2FAC%2FmPunG9bDyv9ipH%2FidWmqM%2F7W1pWYh6yqgSj6DRvNh5rJHAu86SgwRi2reLtU0vZL37c6OH6UKpUWKrEGNH1dRdcvIFpUxTDZ0pEHguQbenDZM%2FpTvTSo%2FJDEX%2B9UKG6a%2FAjQf6bw%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 That's quite a link!!! Looks like the one i got on my 280 Thanks Mike Anybody can share a pic of his 510 ignition switch?
  20. Hi, My 510 (1600sss) come from Portugal and it seems that seat belt were not mandatory at this time... Feel just weird to drive the car without. Does somebody know if the seat belt mount should be in place as per factory standard? If can feel a circular shaped part when pressing the pillar on driver's & passenger's side. See picture
  21. Hi Have serious doubts about my ignition switch that - if works fine - is not correctly fixed in its housing. Can somebody tell from this pic. Thanks Seb
  22. Hi, Not sure this is the right place for such post. Not a top prio for me, but i just missed 2 opportunities to get it on CL near L.A...so sick, but for oversea buyer like me, not easy to make the difference and convince seller. Anyway Don't want to buy brand new has the rest of my car will not be as shiny! ☺️ So if anybody has 1 spare for sale, i am interested! Thanks! Seb
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