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  1. These? Hi! Here is my connector back Steering column does have the locking option Wires: WY / WR / BW / BL / LB Looks like i have same configuration as you 510 in US Will try my spare ignition switch i have for my 280Z
  2. If you can deal with this document, it means my eyes are really fu...ed! Thanks anyway
  3. Thanks Will check this out once back from holidays...not too bad, my 280 is garaged near the place i am staying at!
  4. Ok Thanks to you all! That confirms my doubts about lack of steering columns locking option. Does anybody have the wiring drawing for ignition switch?
  5. Thank you guys! Just realized that you both are from canada, hope you did not suffer too much about the "heat dome" Guess worse was in your area Mike, right? I felt an nut around here and will investigate more Cool if i can make this as i feel unconfortable with it
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264907560238?fits=Model%3A510|Make%3ADatsun&epid=5024943543&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item3dadb8952e:g:WQQAAOSw3bNfkCx8&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsStdebXPz4ZTXCT8FI9kPBhyDEsjx%2BZzNtHycOur5YoF4TcowIsf2mjQmvDzoJe75tp5chpKYle8BFxaueT2gw40xX03YfjQkl%2ByjX2kdWce0J4dBLWp2YwZHL8gpqzVnBhw4GCAKvmpCMO%2BnKbbEV9i7h0aacWvzktVsSpVREefqPBqOxSwPi2LSTmse6rMZFXsAhdJYTDPHUkdlB1AP1bEUw45bOD%2FCGrNRizcoJFi0SFKiDoaHUxMrVOV0s0%2FZVY50c2Iw5r0GpQufm7vabROTbF2IxSId7fMbGJG%2FsMzMArwr37vRdfPf49nP2NyrRMWiY2gd28bDTZmlHKPoB3MstifMGaHcEgSKA5e%2FOQG4PEpoTcuIHIVGQSV7gOBOCMd5HkVHYa0edntLLrr2aRxHkL2lQ1SQAPvLd9WwINh41M%2B7crEBBgsPQR2o2wivbqWMnFKQQBnxUCKwPcygxbMWZRT%2FRviZdtUTc8ET3i5wJw3i2okkpCkvLtNjS3G3vi4kUjxUXcxDuGT2Oe8Aa9Bxzi28fJYnHzxm75652JBYsp9D27s0K10VhSSG6f%2BiWUDTcK1Ln9uRIPj3lJKhGe2uA6xRZNiN%2BED2UYsvXq6enpcbknN8Ww0tCL1lOHDUuxgQpzzzC9WAMbUZ16%2FblXeTz0Pdr%2FjkEG0GXQ7I3drvx%2BBw955qJQcQzJPqO4q%2FmUQbWp4hovC%2FAC%2FmPunG9bDyv9ipH%2FidWmqM%2F7W1pWYh6yqgSj6DRvNh5rJHAu86SgwRi2reLtU0vZL37c6OH6UKpUWKrEGNH1dRdcvIFpUxTDZ0pEHguQbenDZM%2FpTvTSo%2FJDEX%2B9UKG6a%2FAjQf6bw%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 That's quite a link!!! Looks like the one i got on my 280 Thanks Mike Anybody can share a pic of his 510 ignition switch?
  7. Hi, My 510 (1600sss) come from Portugal and it seems that seat belt were not mandatory at this time... Feel just weird to drive the car without. Does somebody know if the seat belt mount should be in place as per factory standard? If can feel a circular shaped part when pressing the pillar on driver's & passenger's side. See picture
  8. Hi Have serious doubts about my ignition switch that - if works fine - is not correctly fixed in its housing. Can somebody tell from this pic. Thanks Seb
  9. Hi, Not sure this is the right place for such post. Not a top prio for me, but i just missed 2 opportunities to get it on CL near L.A...so sick, but for oversea buyer like me, not easy to make the difference and convince seller. Anyway Don't want to buy brand new has the rest of my car will not be as shiny! ☺️ So if anybody has 1 spare for sale, i am interested! Thanks! Seb
  10. https://www.nissan-global.com/EN/HERITAGE/datsun_bluebird_1600sss.html SSS could also be 4 doors...how to be sure... Nevermind, i have a rallye car! 😍
  11. I know how to pooooost! No seat belts front/rear, awkward feeling. Will definitively to find a solution for that as i want to take daughter/wife out for a ride
  12. I impressed myself by creating an URL for the first time in my life and then you came and ruin all my efforts! How did you do that?
  13. https://postimg.cc/JG42G4nY
  14. It is a 4 door how do we post picture here???
  15. I do not know that. Steering wheel on the left side, which is the right side for me! South African car? Sold in Portugal for sure. Chassis 173795, engine L16.631113 I will keep this car as stock as possible. Will also look in the forum for the following upgrades: Switch from 4 to 5 gear box without major transmission mods if possible. Secure brakes/shocks Perhaps change wheels and lower it a little Rebuild the L16 one of these days Add some secure belts Would take and reco regarding what's above from you guys!!! There are not so many around here You guys are the experts!
  16. Good, i don't know...but i am here!
  17. Hi, Seb, 45 from France. Happy owner of 77 280Z "stolen" from US market when my middle age crisis started. Then tried SRL roadster (also stolen) that i finally sold to an nice Nissan/Datsun lover that wanted her much more than me...so i might be a little bit crazy, yes. Since last week end, i am also a proud owner of 1600 SSS that had been "stolen" before from Portugal market. Will try to find what i need in the previous post and avoid posting something that has been already discussed many times. But might happen! Looking forward to discover your community! Seb
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