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  1. I don't know. I am trying to find out my self. I do know that's its BPT. After a trip to the local box store I hope I found the right size. It fits my temp gage but the threads that screw into the housing after three turns it snap the lower housing . If any one has the right size that would be a great help. I am trying to install the sensor in to the old stock sensor spot. In Fairbanks they don't have any BPT so all my parts have to be ordered on line, thanks again .
  2. Hey guys I am looking for a gasket set for my 4 speed 510. Does any one have lead?
  3. Yes I do understand that its a Mechanical sounds. Valves are done thanks guys .
  4. .010 cold and that's it what about warm? As of right now you can hear them real well .
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 7 hours

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    Looking for a set of finder mirrors for my 510. thanks


  6. So on to valve adjustment the Nissan Service Manual says ( cold intake .20) (exhaust .25 cold) ( hot intake .25) (hot exhaust .30) . But after reading around I found out that most set the valves to ( cold ..008 intake) (cold .010 exhaust) ( hot intake .010) (hot exhaust .012.) so that's what I did. It only have about 40 miles on the rebuild and I need to drop the oil from 10w30. Any help would be great. The engine is not leaking any more after rebuild .
  7. Just a little update. After a trip to the machine shop it was found that I had a low spot on my block so it would need to be resurfaced and rebuilt at the same time. Its back in the car and running as of last night and I hope to have running better today. Its hard to tune the carb in the cold weather of AK LOL. It has to be running and driving before April so that I can ship it to my next duty station.
  8. yes I did review what all of you have posted thank you for your help!!!!!!!
  9. Just a update guys I removed the engine today and got it apart and I don't see anything on the cylinder head or the block but I will be on the way to the machine shop to see what its going to cost to resurface the block and check for cracks and I will be installing ARP head studs and I think you have to remove the pistons and crank to completed the resurface so that more parts . Do they make APR Rod and crank bolts? Hope all of you guys have a happy new year
  10. Thank you for the info . I had the head rebuild and now I have a small water leak on the passenger side along with a leaking freeze plug. I replaced all six with autozone parts but I will be replacing them with brass. . I think that I will have to get the block resurfaced
  11. Hello to all . Looks like I need to cylinder head bolts does anyone have any recommendations ? I don't mind ARP
  12. Hello to all.. I am trying to reinstall the wiper rods from the motor to the pivot arms and I did not take a pic of this before I removed it . On what side does the two rod pivot arm go? If any one has any pic that would be great. The manual does not show it very well and after a 5 or 6 times of in and out I need help. Thank you all and have a good night .
  13. Good day guys well I am trying to install two aftermarket autometer gages its a water temp and oil press. What are the best places to tap into the oil and water temp? In Fairbanks they don't have any place that I can pick up brass fittings , I would have to order parts offline . Any help on this would be great.
  14. thank you all for the help I got it running last night ....
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