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  1. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Hello to all I have found a set of su carbs but its on a 1600 roadster but I do have the l16 intake. Will the su carbs bolt to the different intake?
  2. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    I found one on EBAY 13 bucks
  3. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    I have not had any luck finding a Oil Jet would any of you guys have one ?
  4. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    thank you for the fast replay got the head installed but ran into a few problems the chain oiler has two large groves in it. I have looked around but not much luck finding it .
  5. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Hello to all .. Well after getting my head back from the shop I am reinstalling it and I just cant find the TQ for the 4 camshaft bearing housing . Now I did find the camshaft locating plate. Haynes says 4.3-6.5 FT pounds and the head bolts are 43.4 FT pounds and the camshaft sprocket bolt 86.8-116 FT pounds any help on this would be great . Thank you again
  6. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Hi guys, well the engine is out and lots of cleaning is on going . On the front timing cover I found a little bird stamp on it is that normal?
  7. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    After looking into the pedal box I found the welded tab that you are talking about . it looks like I need to remove it all . thanks again for all the information that you guys pass along to the new guys .
  8. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Looking for information on the l16 sss cylinder head. I had to remove my cylinder head and I would like to install a SSS cylinder head but I am not to sure if you can still find them ? Is it possible to just rebuild it and install? They are asking 600 to rebuild in Fairbanks so if I have to spend the cash I would like the real deal..
  9. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    The car was located in North Pole. But its now on Fort Wainwright, and from what I can tell I am the only one in Fairbanks . LOL
  10. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    Just an update on the manual swap. I went to install the Clutch Pilot Bearing and its not fitting . Its a Auto Zone Dorman part number 14658 OD .815 ID .626 Depth .689 . I have in the chest freezer right now. I just want to see if its close to the right part?
  11. crewdogch47

    Watanabe wheels

    Thank you for the info on the wheels ....
  12. crewdogch47

    Watanabe wheels

    Sorry , 1972 510 4 door all stock.
  13. crewdogch47

    Watanabe wheels

    Hello to all I am trying to find out the size of Watanabe wheels that will fit with out any mods. Looking only for a small lip. 15 inch would be great. The end state is to have coil overs and such but not any time soon.
  14. crewdogch47

    New 510 owner

    Congratulations on the purchase!!!!!!
  15. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    (812668 ) sorry and from what I can tell yes they are on. The more I find it looks like I am going to pull the engine for easy of repair and install the 4 speed.

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