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  1. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    thank you all for the help I got it running last night ....
  2. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    OK so I tested the two red and black wires with the reverse gear switch and no rear light ? and I did place the trans in reverse but the engine was not running
  3. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    Hello to all!!!! I am on tail end of the swap butI cant figure this wiring out. On the car I have two different wire harness. The first one has two wires blue with a black stripe and black wire. The other harness has 4 wires two wires red with black stripe and two black with blue stripe. From the Haynes manual I have three control switches ( top its the neutral gear switch) (middle its the transmission switch 3 gear ) (bottom reverse gear switch) any help would be great .
  4. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Well I just pick up a longer one on EBAY and we will see if it fits .
  5. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    I could lengthen the throttle rod but from what I have been reading is that they did have a longer one for the SU carbs and my car was a auto with a two barrel carb, But now I have installed a manual 4 speed and trying to get the SU carbs installed . Does any one know on how the choke cables install? Also how to find them.
  6. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Ok guys well I mounted the SU carbs and it looks like the throttle shaft is about one inch to short . Does any one have any input on this ?
  7. crewdogch47

    R1 Carbs (lots of pics)

    Hi guys does any one have 3d files for the l16,l18,l20 intake for bike carbs?
  8. crewdogch47

    Bike carbs

    OR gsxr 750 Mikuni bike carbs Flatslide Slingshot 1988,1989 37MM
  9. crewdogch47

    Bike carbs

    Its a stock engine . But I have found a set of CBR 600F carbs from a 1987 model would that work with a stock fuel pump?
  10. crewdogch47

    Bike carbs

    Hello guys just looking into the R1 bike carb swap to my stock l16. I just not sure if its the right way to go. Also what is the best year carbs to buy?
  11. crewdogch47

    510 SU AIR BOX

    Time Left: 1 day and 11 hours

    • WANTED
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  12. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Hello to all well after finding a set of SU CARBS on fee bay they just showed up today in the mail. They are round tops. I just placed them up next to the head and the back carb hits the trans kick down and throttle bracket I am installing a manual trans at this time. Do they make a smaller throttle bracket with no kick down? The 2 door that I removed the trans from had the same thing. Also with such tight location do you think I could get the stock air box to work? Have a good night
  13. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 4 Door 510 L16 auto to manual

    Hello to all I had a very good day I got the engine and trans back in . I had to cut a hole for the shifter and I had to drill to holes for the trans mount but I missed placed the trans rubber mount does any one have a line on a place to buy one ?
  14. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Hello to all I have found a set of su carbs but its on a 1600 roadster but I do have the l16 intake. Will the su carbs bolt to the different intake?
  15. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    I found one on EBAY 13 bucks

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