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  1. crewdogch47

    New 510 owner

    Congratulations on the purchase!!!!!!
  2. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    (812668 ) sorry and from what I can tell yes they are on. The more I find it looks like I am going to pull the engine for easy of repair and install the 4 speed.
  3. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Showing 81,000, on rock auto looking for parts.
  4. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    After removing the valve cover I found a lose chain on the driver side.
  5. crewdogch47

    510 Tach

    Time Left: 12 days and 4 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking for a 510 Tach and wiring.


  6. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Well after letting it warm up its dieseling again on shut down. I backed the idle screw out a little and it shuts down fine. But on start up load lifter chatter for a little bit then went away. To me its sounding like my oil pump in on the way out or not lined up right. Its only 80 bucks at parts house. This car has been siting for a long time . I just changed the oil 10w30 , the car has 80,000 miles on it .
  7. Hello to all, after buying my 72 510 its has a auto transmission and I just cant have that, so I want to start my 4 speed swap but I want to make sure I have all the parts on hand. The donor car was a 510 2 door with loads of floor rust. With an auto car I should not have to cut a hole in the floor right? I do understand that some wiring must be done I did save the wiring harness . 1. Pedal assembly 2.Trans with shifter handle, mounting bolts 3. Flywheel, bolts 4. Starter 5. Flywheel dust cover 6. Drive shaft 7. Spacer behind flywheel 8. Clutch master cylinder 9. Slave cylinder, clip for rubber line 10. Metal line from master cylinder to slave cylinder 11. Clutch, pilot bearing
  8. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    thank you
  9. crewdogch47

    L16 38 mm su carburetors assembly

    Time Left: 9 days and 43 minutes

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    Looking for 38 mm SU carburetors assembly.


  10. crewdogch47

    SU carburetors

    Good day to all, I am trying to find out information on the flat top SU carburetors. I would like to swap over . I can find some on EBAY but its for the R1600. Are parts interchangeable for the l16? Any information on this would be great.
  11. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Hi guys things worked out fine after I found out that the oil pump shaft small side was on the other side . Its shuts down just fine now. A very big thank you for all that help out .. Now on to the next problem lol
  12. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Good news guys after a completed cooling system rebuild, New water pump , thermostat, Radiator had 4 holes in it , that's what the shop said but its tested to 20 pounds, and Temperature sensor its cooling great right in the middle of the gage. But I had to advance the distributor fully to get 13 degrees of timing on the harmonic balancer with sounds like to me I don't have the piston on the compression stroke but it starts but runs rough. I will try again today to set it to TDC and drop the oil pump . I will be adding pictures to document the task to see if someone can point out my deficiencies. Have a good day
  13. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    I sorry guys I did not explain very well. Its all stock and I just cant get the timing right ..... I have placed the engine at TDC, I have the timing mark at top and running very hot . On start up no problems but dieseling is real bad on shut down . With the engine at idle what should be the timing ? at 2500rpm + or - what should be the timing ? I understand that this is a loaded question but any help at this point would be great.
  14. crewdogch47

    1972 daston 510 L16

    Hello to all, I have just got my second 510 after 17 years. I have replaced the Distributor , I have placed the engine on TDC with alignment on balancer with button facing the radiator. Is it possible that the engine is running hot and could cause it to diesel on shutdown? I have just had the radiator repaired and replacing the water pump and thermostat on Wednesday of this week. The engine diesel for a long time if I open the throttle it help it shut down. Any help would be great thanks again and have a good night .

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