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My Dime.

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is a money pit.:eek:


I got it stuck in fourth.






Got a free tranny from a buddy of mine.


that ones locked up as well..


Another fellow Dime Owner has the 4 speed from his and is selling it to me for 50 bucks.


Seriously can not afford for another little breakdown. I'm moving and going to have to commute to work.


My car really doesn't need much work. all I need are reliable parts!


The To Do List:


New Fuel Pump


Re-Seal the rear main and oil pan gasket


New Starter and Alternator


New Battery


or I could save up some money.


And get a freaking engine swap


Seriously thinking about a KA24 or SR20DE swap.





the whole point of this thread is to get your horror stories so I dont sell my dime.

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not so much of a horror story....but...


I blew the motor in my 620.


Got one from my buddy for $25 (Thanks Dave :D)


Ran that one for about 6 months til it blew...


Spent a whole stack of $$ with autosport for a reliable powerplant.


Decided I couldn't put such a purdy motor in such an ugly engine bay.


One thing leads to another, now my trucks in pieces all over the garage...


Hope that helps :D

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