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Has anyone seen this? Be warned the guy who 'pioneered' the concept is REALLY long winded about his 'groovy heads' But it just may have some slight merit once you cut through the BS.


Basically you do this to a head with a quench or squish area like a closed chamber L series P nut head. Its well documented that as the piston reaches TDC, the air is violently pinched out of the quench area and causes a swirl effect. This swirl helps to further mix gas and air for a cleaner more efficient burn and more power/economy. An added bonus is a more homogenized mixture which reduces lean areas which lead to hot spots which lead to pre-ignition (ping)


The grooves are carved into the quench area and aimed at the spark plug, perhaps directing the swirl in that direction. It is something anyone could do with a V shaped file or Dremel. All kinds of fantastic claims are made so be skeptical when reading. I didn't find anyone selling anything or I wouldn't have bothered. Anyway these two articles aren't too bad or long.





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