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Motoring J Style July 28th


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Hey norcal guys and girls there is the motoring j style show at the end of the month saturday the 28th and when I spoke with David the guy that is putting it on he said that its like 85% DATSUN and toyota lets try to make it more like 85% just DATSUN :D if you are interested here is the link

http://www.motoringjstyle.com , hope to see you there and if anyone is going and wants to caravan let me know



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It was a cool show, nothing spectacular. Some of the normal "show" 510's that are usually come to the big shows. My personal favorite of the day was the red Alpha that was in the parking lot...super clean.


Here's the Alpha:



The FJ from 69FJ's wagon...man, I love FJ's. Nice custom header.



Cool Toyota powered thing.



Clean 4AG in an ae86.



Cool box flared Toylet.



Kevin Neely's 510.



Mario's of TSR's 510.



Turbo L-series, mmmmm...



BRE replica 240Z, talked to the owner, car leads a VERY pampered life.



Clean engine bay...



Pink Rewinds.



Another clean 510.



And yet another clean SR powered 510.



A scary trend that I saw on many AE86's. Looks to be an attempt at chassis stiffening. I bet in a crash it would crack your scull right open.



The ass that I stared at the whole way home.



Fun overall, a little ricey for my tasts, I guess I prefer the races more.

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