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B210 won't stay running


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Hello. I have a 1975 B210 with the a14 engine manual trans. I parked it for lunch the other day and it would not start afterwards. In messing with it, if I turn the ignition switch to start, the car will turn over and start. Once I let off of the switch, it promptly dies. I can start it and turn the switch to disengage the starter and it will continue to run but once I completely back off of the switch to the run position, it dies. On the wiring on the back of the ignition switch, I have no power to the Yellow/Black stripe wire or the Black/Red stripe wire when the ignition switch is in the run position. The wiring Diagram shows the Yellow/Black stripe wire goes to the Interlock Relay. I can't find this relay and I think this is the problem. Any help locating this relay or figuring out the problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you find the ballast resistor? It will be right near or beside the ignition coil.


Ballast Resistor Not Resisting? - Electrical - The Classic Zcar Club


One wire comes from the ignition switch the other side goes to the + terminal of the coil. Make a short jumper wire and connect across the two terminals. Start the car.... if it keeps running when the ignition switch returns to the on, or run position, then the ballast is bad. Possibly loose wire? check and replace if needed.


The car will run wired this way but not at all a good idea as the coil will over heat. This is just a diagnostic test so remove the jumper wire when done..

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