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Brackets/mounts needed for a ZL


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To run a ZL and lean the engine over in a 720 which brackets and/or mounts are needed? 


This is for a 4x4 (yes I know about the oil pan) and have Z22/22 brackets (bolt to block), Z22/Z24 mounts (bolt to frame), and L20b 2wd brackets.


In the pics below the L20b 2wd brackets are in front of the Z22/24 4x4 brackets. 



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We call that an LZ conversion, also a Frankenmotor or a stroker motor but either way it gets the job done.


All 720 Z series engine brackets should be the same. The rubber mounts also called isolaters should also be the same. L series engine brackets should also fit the Z series isolaters.


When the Z22 block is rotated about 20 degrees to the right into the L series orientation what are you going to do about the Z transmission???? It's not going to lay on it's side and fit the transmission mount and the gear shift will be in the passenger's hip..

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I'm going to clock the housing on my spare 5spd Z tranny or just use my spare L series 5 spd. 


So, I'm good with the same mounts and isolators (metal that bolts to frame, rubber in between, and metal on top) and can achieve the tilt with L20b brackets bolted to the Z22 block. 


My attached photo are the 2 brackets. 

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Only way to make 'clock' a Z series transmission properly, to fit an L series engine, is to swap an L series front case onto it.  Or use an L series transmission if you have one.


Even with perfect matched brackets and isolators they can be difficult to line up.

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