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Does a 60 series 4 speed have crossover parts to the FS5W60A 5 speed?


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I picked up a couple of 4 speeds. I've been told they have a signifiant crossover of parts to the 60A 5 speed. Gear needle bearings/bushes, spacers/thrust washers, gears, front case, maybe others.

 I have also been told this is not the case.


I was hoping they would offer some backup parts for the 5 speed.


What do the experts say?

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That's a monumental task.


On the outside the front case and front cover interchange between 4 and 5 60A. The rear case and adapter plate do not.


Inside the 4 and 5 speed 60A all use the same synchro ring, but I would imagine that you would use new ones.

4 and 5 speeds use different counter gears. The gear sets have different numbers of teeth so the gears on the mainshaft would have to be changed as a set... and this may not even be possible. At the same time the 4 and 5 speed ratios are identical (well other than 5th)


Most of the other parts seals, washers needle bearings and such should really be replaced rather than pulling from a used transmission.


It's easier if you name the part you want checked than I look up all the hundreds and hundreds of parts to see if they match.



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Thanks for your feedback on this. It is disappointing. I had hoped I had some spare parts for 5 speeds which seem to be hard to come by. 


In the Tech Wiki-60 Series Transmission Parts Trans I was looking at the  4 and 5 speeds they seemed to have the same PN for 3rd gear for example. 

But not the same- what am I misinterpreting?


Where does one come up with new needles and races in a dependable way.

I think I got a couple of needles on eBay and one race/bushing locally but they seem pretty rare. I thought good used was the typical was to go and reuse if they look good.


Thanks again for any info.



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The counter gear is  a different part number


This is what I got for part numbers....

Four speed 3rd gear is 32260-H7300

Five speed 3rd gear is 32260-H9700



Doesn't have the synchros in the kit.





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Well that's not good is it. Thanks, but again that's disappointing.

Thought I had a couple of good spare parts sources but appears not much.

Maybe better to leave them as serviceable 4 speeds for someone?


The big bearings and seals and pocket and counter do seem to be available, got some for my 5 speed but don't find any normal availability on the needles and races or spacers. 

Hope the NOS needles I got on Ebay and the NOS race/bushing I picked up locally are correct. Numbers seem to match, I think, 

Needles were sold as for the Vanette 32264-H7300 B5 which seems to be the correct number but the B5 throws me. Not much money, but would be disappointing.

Race is 32253-H7300 and measures correct to the bad one that came out so pretty sure I'm good there.

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Went through the Wiki parts breakdown a little slower. As you said, looks like the needles, races, thrust washers, synchros, front cover, front case, some of the shaft bearings are the same but gears and shafts are not.


Regarding 3rd gear ratio on my 60 5 speed, I see the trans came with a "close or wide" 3rd gear ratio.

Do you know how to check the gear to see which I have in there?

Is there a tooth count I can do while the trans is apart to see what I have? 

Or a difference in the top case stamping?


Trans is down at the shop right now but. I'll be there later today to take some parts over.


This from the TechWiki

box	         4th	3rd	2nd	1st	5th	Rev
60L 4-speed     1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513		3.764
60L 5-speed     1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513	0.846	3.464
60A 5-speed A   1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513	0.821	3.764
60A 5-speed B   1.000	1.320	2.170	3.513	0.821	3.764





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Club 1200 is kind of international so that other transmission may only be available outside of north America.



The four speed 3rd gear has 24 teeth. I don't have the 5 speed.


My info says that the 4 and 5 speed ratios are all the same, just that the 5 speed has the extra over drive.

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OK, got it. Thanks. I'll count them on 5 speed 3rd for future reference. So if 24 teeth pretty much know the ratio matches the 4 speed


So, any market for the 4 speeds? 

I may go ahead and sell one complete once I finish the 5 speed.


Is that your's, I just finished reading King Rat.

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