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Found a potential parts truck, unsure on compatibility for some things.


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Mostly looking for info on body/internal stuff. Specific questions that seem unclear, Grille/front/back bumper seem to be compatible from 80-83, or 83-86. I am in an 83, does this mean both are compatible or should i find more specifics for which version/period of the 83 run mine fell in?

Preferably a link/resource would be best, but answers to specifics would be great too!


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An '83 model year have build dates beginning 11 '82 or after



Dash gauge pod changed in '83. Most other interior parts probably the same.


Major changes to the front brakes in '83. Larger calipers and vented rotors.


All years front fenders and doors interchange interchange. Electric window doors can't be made into manual roll up and visa versa.


Windshields should interchange.... clear, tint, antenna inside, USA made (tint and clear)


Four different hoods but they interchange.


'80-'82 have tail lights under back of box.

'83-'84 tail lights in box corners but still has the welded horizontal seam that rusts out

'85-'86 tail lights in box corners but smooth seamless sides.


 4X4 front bumpers and side markers are painted black, 2wd are chrome.







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I will let you know tomorrow/the next day. I bought it, the guy said he will take it back if it doesnt work for me so it was a no brainer. Thanks for the tips. Got jump seats, king cab wing windows (the handles for mine were cracked.) And managed to get one of the king cab black panels which says "king cab" and is impossible to get off. It broke one of the three pin points, but we think we can recover and use it, uncracked. Gonna definitely improve things for only 30 bucks! 

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