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Early Saturday morning cars\coffee type goofy shit Westside Olympia

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This Saturday the 28th 


It's not my deal but ,,  As of now Me .Juan-Ear,  Nelson, and Fuckin Ted®  might be going in our Datsuns. 


If any of you other fucking queers wanna show it's in parking lot in front of a place called "Cafe Au Lait" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oooh lah lah fartnoises 




It's over by the Westside Target store ,, 2925 Harrison ave nw  Olympia wa   

  The parking lot is gigantic 



  It says the start at 8am but we were thinking closer to 9 .. maybe couple hours or less,, never gotten up early enough to go to a goofy event such as this. 



i'll update with flyer later 



                                                           if not,,,,, i don't care 




















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well,,, we showed up , was a good time in the rain .. we cruised over to the Chevy dealer and hung out over there for a bit after .. 


Hotrodders ( and FAT510)  pussed out 











Chester molester talked of a cruise night out in Eatonville mid June we should invade .. Not sure if it coincides with Billetproof or not  




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