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1986 Nissan 720


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So I bought this 1996 Nissan 720 with a 5 speed manual, 2wd a year ago, ran good for a few months then clutch fork broke then didn’t touch the truck for about a 6-7 months because of work, so I decided to put a new clutch pressure plate and pilot bearing or bushing and new flywheel then got it running drove to the gas station ran but on the way there it ran sluggish in 1st and 2nd but when shifted into 3rd it took off so then I decided to buy a new carb because the linkage to the choke had broke and installed new carb (regular carb) and ran good for about a week then after it would warm up it would stall out tried tuning the carb and still nothing so then I decided to change all the ignition system like the wires,plugs,coils, cap and rotor because the previous owner never told when he changed them, I also did the fuel filter and pump I had changed then when I bought the truck so I know that one works I even tested it. I also redid all the vacuum lines and still runs like it did. Any help cause I don’t know what to do at this point.

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Just keep throwing parts at it and eventually you'll get it.


The carburetor doesn't know what gear you are in and will run the same in every gear. Hopefully you have the original carburetor? because it's 10X better than the unknown maker of the replacement. Same with the coils, originals are always better. Rather than throwing them away why not test for spark??? Got spark? then they are fine. Plugs, cap, rotor and wires are high wear items and no harm replacing them.

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Start by making it be all it can be.


Check and set the valve lash 0.012" on all with engine hot

Check set the ignition timing to 5 degrees BTDC


Confirm the wires go where they are supposed to



Pull one exhaust and one intake side plug wire put an old plug in the end. Lay on a grounded surface and turn engine with the stater. Both sides firing?


Check that fuel level is at the dot on the sight glass on the front of the fuel bowl.


Are you in California? put this in your profile as California vehicles have different specs and carburetors.



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Very sorry for the late response, work had me stationed out of town for a bit but if I remember correctly I did everything you told me to do and still nothing but I did have another co-worker tell me that it could be the ICM on the distributor and I’m curious if that’s the problem?

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