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L20B thermostat housing help


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Got a 1980 datsun about a month ago and have been cleaning up the engine bay and refreshing the motor, putting the cooling system back together today and can't remember what went on the front of the thermostat up and to the right of the coolant temp sensor (imgur link isn't working otherwise I would add a image)

If anyone knows or has a diagram it would be appreciated.

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On the front? probably the coolant by pass hose outlet fitting. It will have a short hose big as my little finger that goes to a metal pipe. The pipe forms a Y with one end going to the intake at the base on the carburetor. The other end goes down the front of the timing cover to the lower radiator hose inlet to the water pump.


The larger threaded hole on the side is the TVV (thermal vacuum valve) for the EGR.



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