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620 Carburetor rebuild kit or swap


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Hello every one , im new to Ratsun and im from Jordan middle east 

i own Datsun 620 1974  engine 1.5 J13 fully customize will provide pictures for reviews 🙂

im wondering from experience here were to find good quality rebuild kit for carburetor or what kind of carb to insert if i want to change and how much ?

and one more thing how replace the distributor to electron? 


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Hey, welcome Abbod.


There's not much to wear out on a carburetor. Gaskets can be peeled off carefully and reused. What often most happens is the carburetor benefits more from a good dismantling and cleaning than new gaskets. That and setting the adjustments back to stock. J series engines were also used in fork lifts. Mexico used J15s. E-bay?


I think an MG electronic distributor will fit the J series.


Have to check but I think the A series Datsun EI matchbox distributor can be made to work on the J. Here the '79 and '80 A14/15 in the B-310 had them

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appreciate your replay and info, the reason of writing that im having backfire from the carb not from the distributor ??! so i dont know whats wrong with the carb exactly so that why im looking for a rebuild kit it may fix the issues + in my country we have plenty of parts for J series and own many part for this 620 and 720 pick up `s .


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Backfire through carburetor causes...


1/ If this happens under load when driving, check you valve lash. One of them, probably an intake is too tight. The lash is 0.014" intake and  exhaust with the engine hot. A tight valve is prevented from closing properly and when the cylinder fires the flame may get past it and ignite the fuel in the intake. Might check and confirm the timing is correct also . I think 8 degrees before TDC but better check for your location


2/ If when driving or starting when engine is cold the choke probably needs adjusting somewhat richer. A cold mixture does not vaporize very well and well and takes a very long time to burn. Long enough for it to ignite the next intake valve opening and backfiring back through the carburetor.


3/ If under load while driving... check condition of spark plug wires, the distributor cap and the rotor. It's harder to fire a spark plug when under load and if the wiring is old, cracked or the cap carbon tracked, the spark will seek out an easier path to ground including jumping to another plug wire. Generally if the plug wires look in bad condition.... they are. Carbon tracking is a small burned path on the surface of the distributor cap (inside or outside) or rotor where the spark has found an easy path to ground. Once formed it becomes easier to use. A carbon track can be exceedingly fine and hard to find and may appear as a jagged crack. All ignition components must be in good condition and good quality so that the spark only sees the spark plug as the only good path to ground.


4/ If accompanied with a lack of power this can be the primary jet partly blocked by a piece of dirt. This effectively leans out the fuel mixture and acting like 2/ above.

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