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How to remove combination switch?


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It's probably an adapter for an after market steering wheel. It's splined onto the shaft and should pull off. Can you attach the steering wheel to it without the large nut? Then using your hands strike the wheel towards you and it should pop off. Be sure to turn your head so you don't loose any teeth.


A gear puller would also work.

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Hey Mike, you are very knowledgeable, so one more question.  My interior lights won’t come on just the dome light, and just recently my headlights stopped working as well. I checked the two fuses on the fuse block and they seem fine. I also replaced the headlight relay. Yet nothing seems to make my light come on. The blinkers and marker lights work just fine. This is the whole reason for me wanting to replace my combination switch. Is there anything else I could be missing? Is there a way to test to see if it’s even the combination switch? I don’t mind shelling out $180 for a new one, but if I don’t have to, I’d rather not. 

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Pretty sure that is not original.


Interior lights? you mean the dash lights?? Do the front and rear running lights work, side marker and license lights?????


No dash or headlights. Both are run from separate fuses and if the dome light is working, not the fuse. The common thing is the headlight switch. So first I would remove it and thoroughly wash it out with a can of aerosol contact cleaner. The 720 light switch is known for the grease both drying out and collecting dirt and in the cold, headlights often take several seconds to come on. Spray it and work the switch back and forth to clear the contacts.


If still not working, you can narrow down other causes or prove that the light switch is faulty buy doing the following...


Buy a 12v test lamp, cheap only $3-$5. Test the two headlight fuses on the extreme right side of the fuse box for power. One of the fusible links is for the headlights and nothing else. If fusible link has failed only the headlights are affected. Got power?


1a/ No power at fuses. Inspect the Green fusible link attached to the positive terminal of the battery. The other end connects to a Red wire going to the fuse box. Check for 12v on both ends. May be crispy and burnt. Replace.

1b/ Yes power at fuses. Check for power at headlights. Red/Black for right side and Red/Blue for left. Got power??


2a/ No power at headlights. Has to be headlight switch not working.

2b/ Power at headlights. The headlight relay selects ground for either hi or low beams to turn them on. If relay was replaced then the only other explanation is the relay ground isn't connected or working. I suppose the headlights might be burned out. lol.




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Yes my bad, dash lights. They don’t come on at all. Everything else works just fine. Just the dash lights and headlights won’t come on. Dash lights since the I bought it, headlights just recently. Man thank you! I’ll try all those things tomorrow and see what happens.

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Did you check the running light front and back, clearance side lights????? they are with the dash lights. I'm expecting them to all be non functional but if they are working then wiring to or something in the dash.


Dash dimmer switch turned all the way up?

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It’ll be best just to get the combo switch rebuilt as well. There’s a guy named GD Humfries whose a master at rebuilding those switches. But like mike said, it could also be a ground issue. Also check the connection to the dimmer switch. I had the same issue once when the dash lights didn’t turn on. Discovered that it was the connection on the back of the dimmer switch. Connected and disconnected it several times to get a good ground and connection and BAM, everything worked. 


The photo is of my spare 85/86 switches that Were rebuilt and tested and work like new. Keep in mind that the switches for the 83/84 have a different connection to that of the 85/86. If you plan to purchase a used rebuilt one, Make sure you are getting the correct one.AD51BA54-8900-47BA-80DE-39EDD057E6CA.thumb.jpeg.01c0d95fd998eefa66edfe6e95c80c21.jpeg

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Here is a photo of two other switches I have for spare. I got lucky to find one that is an OEM NOS never been installed (newer looking switch). The other is what I need to get cleaned and rebuilt. Also keep in mind that the diameter on the switches are different between tilt and non tilt models. All my switches are for 85/86 Tilt steering. 5D08A4C3-2773-4EA6-B1DF-2E7506545DF3.thumb.jpeg.43d192f019f05315500b4867b0762081.jpeg

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