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Any 610 parts in common with 620?


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If it's a wagon (put this in your profile, saves asking again) the differential is H-190 with 3.7 gears. Not the greatest ratios for a 620 but if you swap your side gears into it from your 620, it would keep you on the road while you fix or replace your 4.375 differential.... or sell it. It would fit a 510 wagon, 810 and Maxima wagon.


The '77 620 and the 610 both used a 3/4 dual master cylinder. Worth keeping.


The L20B engine will fit any other car or truck that has an L series engine in it now. I would keep this.


If you have a standard transmission you have a unique long F4W63 that is 31.5" long and only found in the 610. It would fit any '74 and up 620 but not nearly as strong. In a pinch you could put it in your truck to keep it on the road.


All headlights will fit the 620 as spares.

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Don't bother it doesn't say 71B on it. 71B transmissions 4&5 spds. are originally for the Z car and 810/Maxima both 6 cylinder cars. Strong enough for the 620 truck more than strong enough for a car. It is the same length as your 610 4 speed so almost a drop in.

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