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Compression rod bushing

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My computerless young cousin in GA has bought a '93 King Cab 4WD 4cyl that was drove squarely across ditch and split the compression rod bushings.

His Haynes says he's gotta take a bunch of stuff loose to replace them but he's not seeing why.

Says there's only 2 bolts holding them to lower control arms and the castle nut on bushing end.

Anybody shed any light?

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Tell him to get a proper '93 FSM and throw away the Haynes as junk. Yes two bolts to the front joining the compression rod to the LCA. Loosen the rear nut on the compression rod first so it doesn't spin. Absolutely crucial that the the bushing and washers are kept in order and new ones put in properly. If this thing crashed through something better get an alignment now than find out later something else is bent. If the rubbers split then the LCA was driven to the rear quite a bit.

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Thanx Mike!

Yup, Haynes is fine little book if you really don't need a book. Got good source for FSM? Maybe PDF? Seeing one on Ebay. 


He really can't afford much. Kinda got blessed with this truck. Near died when real young, kinda mentally compromised in ways but sharp in others, esp mechanically. Can't get decent paying jobs.  

He says all else looks OK. He's gonna rebush and go from there.

Yup, definitely dislocated LCA.

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