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After searching for options for my daughters '84 box I had all but resigned to having to modify an old 620 regular cab short box.  Then last week a buddy sent me a pic of a "small truck" sitting in a pile of stuff a farmer was scrapping. One look and it was obvious, it was a early 80s 720.  A quick phone call later I made plans to go for a look, picked my daughter up from school and braved the start of a snow storm to get a look at it.  The front has some damage on the fenders but the box is there and intact other than 3 small rust areas.  The tail lights are just about perfect and the tailgate only has a few dents.  


So being that it is a King Cab I am hoping it will just be a simple swap out, after the rust is repaired and the tailgate is fixed.  Now the search is for a new handle for the tailgate as it is broken but all the rods are there.  If anyone has any leads on one please let me know.


So the end result is I have the right box for our project and a complete 81 King Cab 4X4  for spare parts on my daughters build, then either part out or sell it complete to recoup some funds.  I still have to decide what I want to do with the old box/trailer but that can wait until spring as it has a canopy on it and is a bit of a shed at the moment : )


I must say this place has been a wealth of information and next spring I hope to make much more progress on our project, I just can not bring myself to work on it in the snow.  Thanks to all the guys and gals who are so willing to share their knowledge and experience with these great little trucks.

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