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A14 & 1200 & 5 speed PARTS WANTED


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Looking for :

1200 - single crank pulley

The plate between the fly wheel & block on the A14 motor

Exhaust manifold or header - A14 motor

Intake manifold single, dual or stock A14

Carburetor for manifold 


Rear transmission dust cover oil seal

Reverse sensor on transmission for back up lights

Slip joint for 5 speed series 60 transmission 18 spline


Parts can be new or used in good condition 


Thanks for your time & help,




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Try size 14 and Arial font. We're all equal here.


If looking for parts start a want add in out classifieds... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/



Called an engine plate. Well the B-210s A13 and A14 and the later 210s A12, A14 and A15 all use the same engine plate 30411-H5001.


The rear seals are the same for the 56 and 60 series 4 and 5 speeds. 321360-H5000


The 60 series 5 speed reverse light switch is the same as the 210 56 and 60 series 4 and 5 speeds. It's also used in the A10 (HL510) 4 speed


Driveshafts for 56 and 60 series 4 and 5 speeds are the same. Automatics a shorter but may have same spline. However aren't 210 driveshaft U joints pressed in and staked???

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