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1984 datsun/nissan maxima suggestions

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Just acquired an 84 maxima, something I've been wanting for awhile, being the last year w/rwd, both datsun and nissan badges,and of course the cool little vinyl player with the voice prompts hahahaha. Anyways always figured I'd find one that needed completely redone so mods and swaps were anticipated. However this is a true barnfind, well storage facility been you get where I'm coming from. Only 1 bad rust spot, rear passenger bottom quarter panel, no biggie, threw in a new battery, bleed brakes(pedal hit the floor), put the spare tire on(tire was shot) and drove it home with ice cold a/c. Totally  unmolested. So here's my dilemma, she's  in such good shape and runs extremely  well I cant bring myself to start swapping engines and doing unnecessary mods to her seeing how I dont see many on the road anymore. However I would like to do some upgrades in order to improve her performance. Suspension in them has always been lacking and haven't  found much info out there for improvents. As far as engine performance all I've read is swap for l28. Now many of the threads I've read have all been from the late 2000's and haven't  found anything current with what we have available now. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I just want to put a lil more pep in her step and give her a better ride without having to rip her guts out.

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The rear shocks are replaceable. The fronts are McPherson struts that combine an oil bath damper (shock) and steering, but you can buy replacement cartridges for them.  Having said that, I put '84 struts from a Maxima wagon on my 710 wagon. Rather than pay for some generic (not made for a Maxima) strut cartridge, I emptied out the oil thin hydraulic oil and replaced with higher viscosity (weight) motorcycle for oil. I used 20w BelRay oil about $20 CDN for a liter which will be enough for 3 struts. Thicker is harder to push through the damper valves and firms them up nicely. 


 With simple multiply and divide and a few careful measurements of the spring (which if off the strut anyway) you can cut some off to increase the stiffness as much as you want. Rubber spacers can be added between the bottom of the spring and the spring perch to keep the same ride height. If you choose to lower the car and you have an angle grinder you can carefully slice off the lower spring perch to allow it to slide up and down the strut tube. The ride height can be lowered and the spring perch secured in place with 2" split collars, about $25 a pair. They support 6,000 pound each so they won't slip.

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Very cool thank you. Read somewhere, someone was able to finagle front and back coil overs with minor modifications which is fine if your constantly  adjusting, however I was thinking about just looking for lowering springs if I did decide to drop it a bit. Did pick up a set of 17's w/tires for 100 that fill the wells nicely so I'm not even sure if I would have clearance to drop it any. Any thoughts or suggestions in regards to getting the most from my L24E. I know I can just as easily swap out an L28 but I'm not necessarily looking for bigger or better just looking to make it perform to the best of its abilities.

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 If your ride height is 4" off the ground and driving over a bump causes the body drop 3" you have 1" to spare. Now lets say you get 'lowering springs' and the body is now 2" lower and 2" above the pavement. You drive over the same bump or dip in the pavement and the car bottoms out ripping off the muffler. Seems to me the best thing would be stiffer springs that reduce the suspension travel. Car springs tend to be rather soft for average driver's comfort. 


A 17" tire is not necessarily any taller than the stock tire and rim, yes the rim is larger diameter but the rubber is thinner. For example the 810 (forerunner of the 910 Maxima) comes with a 185/70R14 tire it's 7.28" wide and 24.2" tall. A 185/50R17 is 7.28" wide and 24.28" tall.... practically identical but for the rim diameter. I don't care for rims more than an inch or two larger than stock. Not enough rubber shows and the car looks weird with rubber bands for tires. You're probably younger and are used to them.


The L28 oil pan does not fit the Maxima cross member and because the L24 and the L28 have different oil pick up tube locations inside the block, you can't just put an L24 oil pan on an L28. I think the pick up tube needs to be modified. Matt (HRH) on here has a Maxima he calls Betty? He might have an L28 in it, goes like stink. He may have suggestions and though noty often here he is often here... https://nwdatsuns.com/.


Coil overs are expensive and once you get your ride height exactly where you want it they are money tied up and just going along for the ride. My method above is $25 for adjustable ride height. Some careful measurements followed by some grade 4 math calculations and some judicious trimming and you can tailor make your own stiffer springs from the originals. It's as easy as pissing in the shower.

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