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1981 Datsun 810 wagon needs my help.

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It's not pretty.. but it's got 114k miles and starts up every time, drives no problem.. except it's got no exaust. It's cut right after the down pipe pretty much. All electronics work well. The passenger door does not open and that side needs help.. it runs and drives great. Got a new drive belt and valve cover gasket on the way to prepare for basic maintenance like an oil change. It's the gas/automatic version.

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Check the build date on the driver's door jam. From July 1980 on (the beginning of the '81 model year) you have a 910 Maxima.


Nice car for back then. Hundred fourteen thou is nothing! get an exhaust and fix the door and enjoy it.



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It has Datsun on the hood. Says 810 by Nissan. 2.4L 3 speed auto. Everything seems fine for now I drove it around town the last three days. Fuel injector bubbles I looked for some. Autozone wants $330 for the set... Pick and pull here in Cheyenne has no daysuns besides one 280z with nice wheels (maybe a match?) I'm trying to do research in between work. Some Civic revved up behind me today and I usually don't, but I got on it one time and suprisingly dusted him.. it sucks the doors got bent. The frame is good.. (maybe swap into a better body with a 5 speed tranny. Wagon only.) I'm open to suggestions. I did the valve cover gasket, drive belt, rear brake shoes, front pads, wiper, oil change, and I've been easy on my 38 year old cummuter.

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I wanted the seats too but they are messed up. Will the exhaust fit? I still need to get that situated. Also, update.. 

Drove the car on the highway had no problem going 75 - 90, got off track and went down 8 miles of Colorado road and it was performing great. Got home, car still amazes me. So far I've put 200 miles on it and half of that is highway. Car seems to studders a little in first but it has no issues in 2nd or 3rd. There is a slight surge in the electric, and I still need to fix the exhaust and find fuel injectors I can afford (fuel bubbling on 2 injectors)


I've officially named the car Maximus.

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It's like a five spoke deep dish in the rear design with four lugs. Low profile tires. He wants $350 for rims and tires. $11 for the magnaflow muffler. They look clean but I've got more important things to do with $350 right now, like fuel injectors. My current tires are brand new on stock black hubcapless rims. Definitely jalopy looking. 

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Other option I might sell the car for $900 when I'm done. New valve cover gasket, 114k miles, new drive belt new exaust, new tires, wipers, oil filter, no power steering and the a/c pump belt is not on right now. It's a good jalopy just not a car I can build up because of the dent.. it'll prolly go another 100k miles easy

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