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1980 200SX - Questions and Clarifications

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Hey Everyone. 


I am picking up a 1980 200sx this weekend (80k, Z20E, SL package, automatic) and have been researching various swaps and part compatibility for future upgrades. After numerous hours online I have gathered some information, but am not 100% sure I am correct on all fronts. Finding definitive information has proven difficult as it seems these cars are the red headed stepson of the Datsun world. I am a red headed stepson so I can relate. ?I will post pictures of the 200sx once I pick it up.


My first question is about a manual swap. I found a transmission out of an 80 200sx at a junkyard but it is just the tranny, not in a car so I can'y pull the other parts I need. So, I know I will need the clutch pedal and master cylinder. Will the auto trans mount work for the manual trans? Driveshaft lengths the same? I feel like I came across a combination of front and rear driveshafts to make it work but I can't track that thread down again. I would think I could snag a clutch pedal from any similar year Datsun? Or are my options limited to 610s and late 510s for swap related parts. (per this data)


I came across this thread with some information on L series vs Z20  and discovered the L series has about a 12 degree tilt whereas the Z20 sits vertical in the engine bay. Therefore, the top mounting holes do not line up properly and the trans would be at an angle bolted to the Z20. Anyone have experience in a workaround or other ideas for this? Z car parts are much more common compared to S110. I found a good deal on a 78 280z motor and trans and thought about picking that up because it seems you can use the Z20 block and head, timing, etc from L series to wake up the car a bit. I realize I could swap the driveline but the motor needs rebuilt and priority is the manual swap. Now I am just spitballing here and have not researched differences in auto vs. manual bellhousings...but...could you cut the portion of the bellhousing that mates to the motor off the 200sx automatic and weld to the L series to mate to the Z20?


Ok, next up is the suspension. 


I have found the following information so far in my searching and would love any feedback or confirmation. Please correct any incorrect information as you all see fit. 

 -The S12 suspension can be swapped into the S110

-Rear springs from a 1990 Civic EF can be used

-Shocks from a fox body mustang can be used in the rear

-280Z/ZX rear suspension can be swapped to S110. Any other rear ends that are compatible? 

-S13/14 front subframe can be fit to S110 per this thread (good build for anyone who is interested) I would think the S13 rear subframe could also be mated to the S110 with some work. 


Does anyone have a list of compatible swap parts for the S110? 


Any feedback and/or *helpful* information would be appreciated. Seeing as how difficult it is to track down information on these cars I would like to try and cultivate as much relevant information as I can to hopefully help those in the future who may pick up one of these rare cars.


Thanks in advance ?



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Swap bell housings.


Isn't the rear solid axle back there?  


And i might be interested in your efi parts from the z series...

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