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Help! My truck sputters when driving and stalls when put in neutral

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So this has been just recently happening after messing with my fast idle cam, whenever I drive and I'm barely on the throttle, my truck (82 Datsun 720) seems to sputter and jolt as if something's not getting enough fuel. Another problem I need help with is whenever I go from slightly high revs and shift into neutral my truck stalls out, even when it's fully warmed up! After going over my engine multiple times, there seems to be no vacuum leaks, or anything out of the ordinary. Help would be greatly appreciated as I am fully out of ideas to fix these very annoying problems. Thanks!

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Will it idle when warmed up????


If yes, adjust the idle speed lower if possible. Slowly 1/4 turn at a time turn the idle mixture screw in or out looking for the strongest smoothest, fastest idle. If in, and it begins to stumble, turn it out and see if it gets better. I assume the idle improves so turn the idle speed screw down to about 700-800 rpm. Repeat with the idle mix screw adjustment. You may find that there is about one turn where not much happens but the idle worsens any farther out or in... just set roughly in the middle. Again turn the idle speed back down and repeat. You may have to go back in forth 6-8 times, what ever it takes. In the end you want an idle at 700-800 RPM that you cannot improve on. This should give you a good healthy strong idle.



If no idle, have someone turn the key on off on off several times while listening near the carb. You should hear a soft clicking sound from the carb's idle cut solenoid. This is an electric valve that shuts off fuel to the idle circuit. Without it being on there is no fuel for idle. If clicking it's presumed to be working.

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