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For Sale Nissan Datsun Z 720 King Cab Truck Deluxe 84 Sunroof automatic electric windows passed SMOG


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Smogged done month ago with certificate, new everything $3,200

This is a classic so the regular bluebook will not show value.


I love it but I need to sell it to get a home/ room as I live with my sister/my ex is a recovering addict and this truck was a golden chariot to save his life :) truck is AMAZING must drive


YES it has both Nissan and Datsun logo on back RARE

Has SunRoof Automatic Electric Windows.. Needs liquid but has air conditioning and power steering


I have proof of New everything paid for all to pass smog etc. YES it was a journey through hell and back to find the people that knew about this truck. Luke at Luckys in Fremont was the real genius he also found a loose connection that 5 other mechanics did not. Very nice Luke was so knowledgeable just an AMAZING talented mechanic.

Up for registration in Jan $104



New exhaust manifold

New carburetor CA approved

New break calipers

New break pads

New wires

New spark plugs

New hoses

New Battery just bought

Automatic windows

New belt

Timing was just done

Etc. Come see clean engine


All working lights passed break and light


Original Z engine. 20mi/gal Fast and Powerful. COME TEST DRIVE AND YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE :) If you need an awesome fast reliable truck with great gas mileage here it is. Was kept in garage. YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS TRUCK. PEOPLE STOP TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT TRUCK

We drove truck high altitudes and it is a champion. Anti pollution carb system.

If I could give you a guarantee on this truck i would. ITS BEeN TAKEN CARE OF... 1984 Deluxe King Cab seats four with short bed. It gets 20 miles to gallon maybe more. Its in perfect condition except it is a salvage vehicle due to dent no body damage see pics and has 270,000 miles but these trucks go to 500 plus miles. Alignmet is perfect.


Its a classic truck so blue book might not have true value....The value of this vehicle is upwords of $4,500. It is the last year Datsun was made. NISSAN TOOK OVER datsun in 1980 and put Z engines in them.


Our last ND was totaled and it was worth almost $5000

The value of this one is high because its deluxe with sunroof, power steering needs, electric windows. Heater/air conditioner needs liquid Newish starter alternator


It has new wires color blue, spark plugs, battery, new tires, belt, starter etc. The engine is pretty clean. Come see and test drive.


Thanks for reading,

Gabi 925-332-9864 please send text with interest and I will call back ASAP

Thank you for reading

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