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410 clutch issues


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Hey all

So I have just reinstalled the E1 engine and 3 speed column shift into the car and am having some issues with getting the clutch working properly. I have searched everywhere online to see if I can work out why it is not working, but am still stumped.


Hoping you can help!


So the issue is that the clutch slave doesn’t seem to return after bleeding the system. So what happens is the clutch pedal won’t actually move after it has been bled. I read online that the typical method is that a return spring will push the piston back into the slave, but when I have taken the slave off and it doesn’t seem to work that way - there is certainly a spring internally but it seems to push the cylinder out which means it would push the clutch fork and disengage the clutch.


Am I totally missing how the clutch system works on the 410?? What makes the clutch slave return when there is fluid in the system? Is there a spring somewhere I have forgotten to attach?


Note that when bleeding the system the clutch pedal will go all the way to the floor, but there is no fluid leaking out of the sleeve (except the bleed nipple).


Does the clutch fork have anything to do with it?


Please help me cause I really don’t want to drop out the gearbox again.


Oh and the clutch worked fine before we removed the engine and gearbox.



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When working properly, pushing down on the clutch pedal multiplies the pressure through a lever and forces fluid out the master. This transfer the movement to the slave which converts it back to movement of the clutch arm which compresses the pressure plate and releases the clutch disc. When you let the clutch pedal up it reverses and the pressure plate pushes the clutch arm back forcing the fluid back out of the slave into the master which bears on the linkage and the clutch pedal.


 You say  "So what happens is the clutch pedal won’t actually move after it has been bled." This would indicate that the fluid is not returning back into the master reservoir as it should. It would appear fluid is going in, compressing the pressure plate and holding it there. When you try to push again it can't compress it any more.....


This would indicate that the clutch pedal free play is missing and the master is not returning fully to it's rest position and pressure is trapped in the line. For what ever reason, the clutch pedal play is missing. Push down on the pedal with your thumb. The pedal should move fairly easily for about 1/16" before it begins to press against the master. I don't know the 410 but usually there is an adjustment on the push rod between the master and the clutch pedal. In some cases shims are added or subtracted between the master and the firewall to set the play. If the master was removed, maybe the shims were forgotten?

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Thanks Datzenmike


I ended up taking out the gearbox and noticed that the clutch fork was installed the wrong way round - not sure if this will actually be causing the problem but it is a definite difference to how it came out originally. Will put the gearbox back in and try the process again. If it doesn’t work I may have to pull the master out and see if there is an issue internally.



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