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Fiber optics


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Since the car is apart I thought I might replace the bulb that I assume is in the box that provides light for the fiber optics to the dash knobs. Has any one put an LED "bulb" in to replace the stock rather dim bulb? I have not been able to find instructions on how to access the light source bulb. I did try several Ratsun searches using as many terms as I could think of. I had no luck. Does anyone know how the get to the fiber optics light source?


I did replace several of the dash lights with LED bulbs and that did improve the illumination to the gauges.



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OK, got it. I was unsure about removing the socket. It did not appear to be the usual push /twist socket. I took a chance and the socket was a simple plug in, plug out. I put in a 9 LED Pilot brand LED. That really helped with the knob illumination. I am a bit concerned with excessive heat. I had previously bought LEDs from Superbrights. Those LEDs got too hot for me so I switched to Pilot. I have had another nine LED plugged directly into the terminals of the battery (and inside a closed clear case) for over an hour  and the "bulb" is definitely warm but it is not at all hot.Does anyone out there have experience with using an LED as the light source for illuminated knobs?

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