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New member with a 1972 barn-ish find


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A little backstory my first car was a 1971 Datsun 510. That got it all started and then I ended up with a 1967 Datsun truck. Fast forward 29 years later and I’ve never lost the urge or desire to have another Datsun. I recently decided I would like to have a truck for hauling due to morning several rental properties. Nothing heavy just an occasional fridge, stove, or yard debris. It was a Perfect opportunity to go back and look for a Datsun 520 or 521. Scrolling through my local craigslist here in Portland Oregon I came across an original family owned 1972 Datsun 521 with 43,000 original miles on it. It had sat for the past two years and needed a battery and the fluids changed the owner stated. It also had a right rear brake that was stuck so I had to have it towed to my place. Luckily the owner had bought all new brake pads’s and cylinders to do the job. The owner was The daughter of the gentleman who originally bought it. They were asking $2800 and I snapped it up. I change the fluids, got a new battery, drain the tank, replace the fuel neck hose and it fired right up! I just got the break I’m stuck yesterday and got it over to a local shop who is going to do the brick I just got the brake on stock yesterday and got it over to a local shop who’s going to do the brake work. The only spot where rust was prevalent was on the tailgate and luckily I found the exact same color truck for sale and swapped tailgates with him for 100 bucks. I always wanted to get a Datsun and now that I have cash I want to build it my way. The unfortunate thing about this truck is I cannot change it it is way too original.I am going to try to post some pics but I’m not sure about this whole photo bucket thing. Let me know what you think:)

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