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A14 Block with A15 head?


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Hi fellas needing help or to be pointed in right direction . I currently have a A14 in my 210 with 5spd transmission

I have been looking for A15 for about an year want to increase HP and I see more after market parts available for A15 . Can a A14 block work withA15 head? If so any opinions on benefits etc pros cons anyone have experience with it . Thank you

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Head; read this, a couple of times :-)




Fuel And exhaust; Ditto






As for what I would do.....



If you want to follow my thread (http://community.ratsun.net/topic/72491-b210-egi-build-in-the-beginning/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1510374). I am about to build an A15 massaged to an A16, with an A14GX head (JDM only). This will be fueled by an EGI system (1978 A14 fuel injection system, JDM only), but this system will also be modified. The waste will be exiting a stainless steel header (only until I get a hold of an A15 CGI exhaust mainfold) through a 2 inch exhaust system.


I will also be running a push through turbo that will be intercooled.


To manage this all 4 brakes will be upgraded as well as the rearend.



But if not that involved....Electronic ignition (78 B210). Weber carburetor 32/36 with matched Weber manifold. Find a decent head for your needs, port n polish it..only a Nissan head gasket! If you like high rpm's, run dual valve springs. 2 inch exhaust back though a decent resonated n muffler. This will give you a livelier peddle n little more top end.


There is a wealth of information in Ratsun and also on Datsun1200.com.

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